All You Need to Know About Welcome Week 2018

It is hard to believe that it has been a whole year since I had my orientation. It seems almost surreal to call myself a second year student. Welcome week was an absolute lifesaver for me. I was given the chance to familiarize myself with all the different buildings and services that our University has to offer before the lectures had even begun. I even managed to get to know a couple of people on my course which was a huge bonus.

Instead of continuing this trip down memory lane, I would like to tell you a little about this year’s orientation.. Firstly, there will be a big group of orientation leaders on hand to make your orientation as pleasant as possible. We will be organised into different teams and you’ll be able to differentiate us by the different colour t-shirts we will be wearing. Green is for tour guides, yellow for those of us who will be in the Students Union building. Red is for orientation leaders in the library and orange is for those helping with presentations. The pink team will be stationed all around campus and at the help desk ready to help you if you are lost or have any questions.

There will be loads of great events organised for Freshers throughout Welcome Week. Freshers events will be on in the Student’s Union and they are completely free of charge so definitely worth taking a trip down there for lots of fun! There will be events on throughout the day and during the evening so there’s bound to be something to suit your schedule!

Some of the events will be on during the day such as the Laugh Factory on Tuesday the 18th of September at 1pm. That night there will also be a Block Party at 9pm where you can get to know the other students in your area. There will be Bingo Loco at the SU bar from 7pm on Wednesday the 26th of September. There is a huge variety of events on and you can check out the full list on the Maynooth Students Union website.

In terms of the events there will be a talk from the President of the University. The faculty members from your department will welcome you with a talk and introduce all the key members of staff to you. There are usually lots of fun games on in the Students Union organised by the student union President Leon Diop and the VP Officers. There will be interactive games in the library. There is even a chance to win a fifty euro prize by taking part in the selfie competition. Then you will be taken on your campus tour with two orientation leaders and about nine or ten other first years. There will be a lot of fun places around campus to see and you will have the opportunity to get familiar with where your lectures will be.

Do not forget to stay up to date with all things orientation on our social media channels; MyMaynooth2018 on Instagram, Snapchat and Facebook. Starting university can feel like a scary and exciting time. Whatever you are feeling your orientation leaders are here to support you and make you feel right at home here at Maynooth University.