Alumni Day 2017

With the sun shining down, past and present members of Maynooth Ultimate Frisbee met on the AstroTurf pitch on North Campus to go face-to-face in a 40 minute match. The Alumni ranging from the graduation years of 2013 -2016 put up a good fight against present members, some who had only been playing ultimate Frisbee for less than a year. Our alumni had travelled far and wide, from Canada to Limerick and it would prove to be a worthy journey at least as it reflected in the score line.

The match kicked off with our present members on offense, unfortunately the alumni despite their ages, were quick to steal the disc and earn a swift point by  Lukas Giedraitis. A few more points were added to the scoreboard for the alumni by the President of the Club of 2014/15 Dáire Ó Faogáin, Eoin Hayes, Kevin Waters and Kevin Reynolds. Our present members however, made a strong comeback scoring 4 points in a row by beginner Pierce Mullholland, Conor Church, our Vice President Rhys Connolly Duggan and Rob Lynam. In addition, Irvin Vallescas, a beginner only having played for 5 months scored a point by his lightning speed. After half time, the alumni set up a strong defence and through patience and skill, they came out on top with a score of 15-9.

In Frisbee, not only is the most valued player in terms of athletic ability(MVP) but also the most enthusiastic and good-spirited player(MSP) is awarded prizes. For our present members MVP was awarded to Conor Selkirk and MSP to Dylan Stuart and for our alumni MVP was Lukas Giedraitis and MSP was Mark Collins our previous President of 2013/2014.

The day ended with some lunch and pints in the Roost afterwards and some ice-cream from Scooples in Manor Mills. The day was deemed a success and it was great to meet up with old friends and for the alumni to catch up on the club’s activities and successes.