An Abstract Review on Doctor Sleep

Revisiting the past can be a dangerous thing, and Doctor Sleep’s reinterpretation of the events of The Shining is the prefect example of how this can be the case. Not to harp on about The Shining but a large part of that movies appeal is due to the very vague nature of the source of the evil that affects the Overlook Hotel. Doctor Sleep takes this vague threat and explains it away removing a large part of the mystery and discussion that surrounds the movie.
However, as its own movie Doctor Sleep holds up fairly well although its far more of a dark thriller with horror elements than the classic claustrophobic horror movie that its predecessor was. It resists the urge to rethread the plot of The Shining and instead focuses on the character Danny coming to terms with his power and the responsibility he has to others. While dealing with this he and Abra Stone, a young girl who also possess the power, come face to face with a group of evil shine users who murder shine users to extend their lives.
If this sounds like the plot of a comic book movie to you, you’re not alone and if the movie had managed to resist the urge to revisit the Overlook Hotel during its final act it would have almost been able to stand as its own movie. Unfortunately, however Kubrick’s iconic imagery proved too irresistible a draw and the final part of the movie revisits as many of the iconic scenes as it can in its closing act.
Overall, it’s a decent movie but one that relies far too much on the name of its predecessor as well as that movies more memorable moments to make up for an inability to create its own.