Beauty is my duty


Beauty means something different to every single person on this planet. To you, beauty may look like a face intricately painted with the latest make-up. To the person sitting next to you, beauty may be a swipe of mascara and a touch of lip balm. To somebody else, beauty might only be visible without any artificial interference. As our society continues to develop in a way that encourages individuality more and more, we as a people feel more comfortable in not succumbing to uniform ideals of beauty. Perhaps I’m alone in that thought. Perhaps my grand old age of 22 is starting to show. Regardless, I genuinely believe that beauty is in the eye of the beholder. (Even if that is one of the most clichéd things I’ve ever written.)

So, if you want to spend an hour everyday on a beauty routine and decorate your face with all types of highlighter and precise eyeliner, then do it. Similarly, if you would rather spend that time in bed and feel more comfortable in your bare face, then do it. There should be no expectations or limitations in regards to make-up.

However, this is where my old age is going to show again, I will pass on some of my most essential tips for looking and feeling your best.

Number 1: Eat and drink well. Yes, I know you’ve probably already heard this ground-breaking nugget of information about 1000 times, but it’s true. We really are what we eat. Now, I’m not saying you should only eat kale and drink green tea. Have that piece of chocolate cake or a cheeky Nandos when your heart/stomach desires it. Just do it in moderation and maintain a balanced diet as much as possible. I know for many of us the recommended 2 litres of water (or whatever it is these days) may seem a tad intimidating but keeping hydrated is so important for both your inner and outer beauty. Throwing in an extra glass of water here and there never hurts, and your skin will thank you for it!

Number 2: Moisturise. I have dry skin. I mean, Sahara desert dry skin. The type of skin that I can genuinely feel screaming to be moisturised when I hop out of the shower. So not moisturising isn’t really an option for me. However, that should be the same for everyone. Even those of you reading that have oily or acne prone skin, moisturiser is your friend and can actually help balance out the amount of oil your body produces. It’s important to apply moisturiser daily, not just when your skin feels dry. Pop some on your face after cleansing, and before your skin has time to dry completely. Moisturisers should not make your skin feel greasy or look shiny, so try a few different products out until you find the right fit for you!

Number 3: Move. Get your heart-rate up as often as possible. Exercising and moving your body not only have positive effects on how your body looks but also how it feels. I’m not saying you need to slave away in a gym for 3 hours every day, because in all honestly who enjoys that? But try to make an effort to be active as often as possible. Try different activities too, don’t just stick to one form of exercise. This not only prevents you from becoming bored but will also mean you’re working different parts of your body!

Number 4: Don’t compare yourself to others. As you may have noticed, the running theme of this article has been that everyone is different. It makes no sense to compare how you look or feel to how you think someone else looks and feels. It is a waste of time and honestly never ends well. So rather than wishing you looked like him or her, learn to accept and appreciate what you have. There is only so much we can change about ourselves, so make being happy and healthy your priority.