Blood Donations Are Down

Attendance has been down in the last 2 weeks in our blood clinics due to weather
and people going back to school and college” – IBTS employee

With clinics low on donations, hospitals are low on blood. The Irish Blood
Transfusion Service (IBTS) needs to collect 3,000 donations weekly to ensure a
safe and sustainable blood supply is guaraunteed for the countries hospitals that it
serves all year. If all donors stopped giving today, by this time next week, they
would be struggling to supply those same hospitals. A healthy donor can donate
every 90 days.

Irish Blood Transfusion service really appreciates the students of Maynooth for
showing their support. On Monday 24th & Tuesday 25th from 11am to 2pm in the
main sports hall and the Phoenix building in Maynooth University, there will be a
walk in donation clinic.(find map here)

When you give blood, you give the gift of life.

Your donated blood could be helping:

  • Children with extreme cases of anemia.
  • Women who have complications before, after, and during child birth.
  • To make clotting factors for people with haemophilia.
  • Many complex medical procedures and cancer patients.
  • People with conditions like thalassaemia and sickle cell disease who require regular transfusion.
  • People who suffer from severe trauma following an accident.


Try to have something to eat and plenty of cold drinks before donating. Allow yourself about an hour and half from walking in the doors and back out.

If you can’t donate on Monday or Tuesday and would like to donate blood you can find out where the nearest clinic to you is on clinic finder.

More information on IBTS website or You can also talk with a member of the Blood Recruitment staff at 1850 731 137.

Before you head down to the hall

There is also an eligibility quiz , it only takes a minute.

Make sure that you are permitted donate. You can’t donate blood if you have:

  • HIV positive or your partner.
  • Spent a year or more in the UK between 1980-1996.
  • Taken unprescribed drugs using a needle.
  • Had Hepatitis B or C.
  • Received a blood transfusion from another person in the last 38 years.
  • Had contact with an infectious disease that haven’t had before eg. chicken pox, measles and mumps.
  • Travelled to an at risk area for West Nile Virus in the last 29 days.
  • Had antibiotics or the flu in the last 2 weeks.
  • A cold.
  • On long term-medication. (contact IBTS before donating)
  • Visited a malarial area in the last 12 months.
  • Been pregnant in the last 12 months
  • In the last 4 months gotten a tattoo or body piercing.
  • In the last 3 months visited a tropical area.

So don’t be afraid go with a friend, and you can have a chat over tea and biscuits after you donate.