Café Gems of Maynooth

Whether you’re a fresher, incoming erasmus, or are looking to broaden your horizons beyond
Starbucks and Phoenix – here’s an insight into some of the best places for coffee, lunch, or
simply to chill out away from north campus in Maynooth.
Maynooth is an unassuming hub of cafes that are often very student friendly, get out there and

Elite Confectionary Ltd.

Image by Fernweh

Also known as ‘The Pink Place’, this is the undisputed champion of cafes in the town for students. Value is one of the main reasons for this, as a toasted sandwich of your choice with a tea/coffee averages about €6. The food here is fresh, it has a homely atmosphere, and the staff are lovely. There is also a loyalty card system, which sees every 7th hot drink free of charge. An Americano comes in at a modest €2.40 and all things considered, there are plenty of just reasons to make this café a regular pit stop.

Brewery Coffe House

Image by Domhnall Conroy

Always filled with students and chat, this minimalist style café is a place that would easily become part of a daily routine. The coffee here would satisfy any coffee lovers cravings and there is an outside terrace with a canope for rainy days. There’s a loyalty card system in place here which sees every 8th drink free. This place also often holds small gigs and performances from Maynooth’s local talent and makes for an excellent intimate venue.

L’art du Chocolat

Image by Zero Waste Maynooth

Sitting directly across from ‘the Pink Place’, L’art du Chocolat couldn’t be more different in style or substance. This café was established by a duo from Bayonne in 2016 and they have a mouth watering selection of fresh pastries, tartains and chocolates. Their coffee is served in biodegradable cups and their lids contain 67%  less carbon than ordinary plastic. Inside the café, a clear window seperates customers from the workshop space so you can watch the chocolatiers work, while the seats outside the front window are a sun trap on those rare sunny mornings. An Americano costs €2.70 and there is a €10 daily lunch deal – worth a try?


Pugin Hall

Image by Garvan Gallagher, IPTC photo medadata

‘Did you say €2.50 chicken rolls? Wait, what!? €1.50 chicken rolls?? ‘. Yes, some special person at Pugin hall once said that there will be €1.50 chicken rolls – and the people willingly agreed. This gem is located in St. Patrick’s house on the south campus and is the place to go for cheap nourishment in an anything but cheap looking dining hall. There are full lunch options available and soup of the day also costs only €1.50. The only down side to Pugin Hall is that there are days when one arrives too late and there are no rolls left. It’s a hub of studnets and it’s easy to see why.


Coffee Mill Bistro

Image by Domhnall Conroy

Another fine establishment, although it differs in criteria from the previous on the list. The prices are reasonable but don’t necessarily scream out to students, with a daily special meal and a drink coming in at €10.50. An americano costs €2.90 but drops to €2.40 for take away if you bring your own cup – sound and eco friendly! However, the main attraction here is the surroundings. The Coffee Mill boasts a gorgeous outside terrace, hidden from street view and only known to those who have ventured in and down the stairs. It is enclosed by old stone walls and the trickle of the lyreen river can be heard from the other side. It is a beautiful spot to take a breather from the college day, to bring the parents when they’re up to visit, or to go for that long awaited coffee date.


Euro Saver News Agents

Image by Domhnall Conroy

Although not a cafe, this place deserves an honorary mention. The cheapest in Maynooth with it’s €1 coffee – enough said.