Cheating and Catfishing

What was a relationship like a few years ago? Being able to have a conversation within physical distance to each other. What is a relationship like now? Nobody can really give you a straight answer to this one what with the internet and fake profiling. Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp, you name it and I bet you that the majority of you all have accounts. You chat to people you know, you add your long lost school friends, occasionally you click onto a stranger’s page and are attracted to their profile picture. There doesn’t seem to be a problem with the image above. It’s good to communicate with people in some form, but maybe the last one is what we need to be conscious of.

Have you ever seen the show Catfish? Well, if you haven’t, it is a show where these two guys are approached by people who have relationships with other people on the internet that they have never physically met before. The hosts find out who they are and where they live, they proceed to introduce the couple. Sometimes it can end with your heart swelling and no one is harmed, most of the time it ends in despair and horror. It absolutely terrifies me. But, it really gives you a whole new perspective into this world. Yes, it is mainly focused in America, but that does not mean that it only occurs in America. My point is that hiding behind a screen makes it so much easier for people to form an attachment with each other, but the truth is completely hidden. The profile picture could be fake, their personality could be fake, and their relationship status could also be fake. Unless you know this person for some time, there is no way of really knowing who is at the other end of that chat line.

Let’s go back to the relationship status. You could strike up a chat with someone and continue to pursue interest for sometime. You may think everything is all hunky dory but in reality, you are just some virtual boy / girl to entertain these people. The biggest question that is asked when it comes to relationships nowadays is: if you are in a relationship with someone, does texting someone else mean you are cheating? It is such a good question to ask because cheating really means having sexual relations with someone else who is not your girlfriend / boyfriend, right? But, if you are texting another girl / boy in a non-innocent way, shouldn’t it be considered as a form of cheating? And most importantly, how would you feel if your girlfriend / boyfriend was texting someone and not you?

There are so many aspects to look at when considering these questions. It is so easy to not know who you are talking to, or even having a virtual relationship with. With this new social media era, it is so important to be conscious of who you add and confirm on any social media platform. Be careful who you strike up chats with and most importantly, block anyone you do not know who is looking for something more than you have in mind. It is a dangerous world now, but it becomes even more dangerous when people consider entertaining these catfishing ideas. Think about how it makes others feel when they discover the truth, but think about how it makes you look when your identity is revealed.