Clubs and Socs Ball

On Tuesday the 4th of April in the Glenroyal hotel, the annual Clubs and Socs ball took place . For many students in Maynooth, the clubs and scos are an indispensable part of student life; because they keep the Maynooth students entertained and involved in the student life, and aid with the  transition from school to college. So whether you are a fresh first year looking to fit in or a final year that’s looking to break away from the pressure of final year, there is a club or society that will be a fit for anyone. One could venture that the clubs and societies are an intricate part of the Maynooth college experience.

Therefore, the ball is the night to for all the committee members to scrub up, be marvellously merry and give themselves a pat on the back for all the hard work they have done in the last year. So nominations were made and the awards were presented by the members of the SU such as Lorna the VP for Clubs and Socs and next year’s SU President Leon Diop.

This is a quick rundown of all the awards: best video was won by  MAD Soc; Pastoral Award was won by Mental Health soc; Best Poster Award was won Ultimate Frisbee; Give a Little Do a Lot was won by Business soc; Best Soc First Year was won by Cornelia Schmitt; Best First Year Athlete was won by Aoife McNulty; Society Person of the Year was won by Rhonda McGovern; League Table of the Year was won by MUCK;  Club Executive of the Year was won by Ciarán Breen; Society Event of the Year was won by Dance soc; Club Event of the Year was won by MU Rovers for the Glendalough hike; Athlete of the Year was won by Amber Barrett;  Most Improved soc was won by Yoga; Best soc qas won by Mars Fm; Most Improved Club was won by Ladies GAA;  Best Club was won by Ladies Soccer.

However, it is an interesting observation to make for the individual awards, a high proportion of nominated females in contrast to the males bagged the awards. Also another interesting observation to make is that some nominations were not recognized during the ceremony.

Auditor of LitNDeb Daire Boyle said afterwards, ‘I know we were nominated for six categories but on the programme we are only included for five. Funny we were not included but we just thought the SU run out of paper or something.’ when he was asked about the societies’ Open video which was made to supplement the Maynooth Open, the annual Debating Competition.

After the awards were doled out, some of the tables were put away and the band played some classic choons. Everyone seemed to have a merry time as it was a perfect mid-week opportunity for everyone to wind down and relax before the madness of exams study will pick up again.

To be frank, the most important celebration of the night was the first anniversary of MSU Life, a virtual portal allowing all Maynooth students to connect with clubs and societies.