Crazy, Cupid Love: Valentine’s Minus the Cheese

Valentine’s Day is a divisive holiday. You can choose to embrace it – cheesy teddy bears and all – or opt to boycott it. Or you can choose to participate in the holiday in your own skewed way – think burritos, beers, and a horror movie marathon. Steer clear of any Fifty Shades lark with these entertainment suggestions:



The sweetest French movie about love. It’s a cute, kitschy movie with a lot of heart. It’s not all romantic love – it’s about loving the people around you in the world, and maybe a special someone too. It’ll inspire you to spread some loving vibes around you.



(500) Days of Summer

Ever had unrequited love? Scratch that, ever pushed your unrequited relationship expectations on someone else? Well, this is the movie for you. It’s got an important lesson in it, and is also great if you believe that it can be easier to be single in this world.




Crazy, Stupid Love

You can’t go wrong with Steve Carrell, Emma Stone, and Ryan Gosling. It’s a light-hearted comedy with a new romance and old romance at the heart of the story. It’s perfect for a first date (though a first date on the 14th of February is a risky move), or 500th date. Bonus points: wanna watch it on the big screen? Light House Cinema in Smithfield is screening it as part of their Ryan Gosling Valentine’s Day special.




The Time Traveler’s Wife by Audrey Niffenegger

An underrated novel about a timeless (literally) love story between two seemingly unconnected people in Chicago. It spans through the lifetime of Clare and Henry’s non-linear romance. They go through many of your average couple’s challenges, with the added issue of the one you love sporadically disappearing through time and space. You’ll lose all your sense of time reading this one.

Anna and the French Kiss by Stephanie Perkins

Okay, hands up – this is pure cheesy YA romance. But it’s so damn cute. It’s got the perfect recipe for an adorable love story – a cute boy with an accent, cross-continental adventures, and the city of Paris as the setting. You’ll fly through it. The best part? It’s one of a trio of interlinked books, but all can be read on their own.

Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn

Possibly the ultimate anti-Valentine’s Day read. A thriller about a missing woman and her husband’s search for her. It’s full of suspense and dark twists. Avoid spoilers for this one – it’ll be worth it.


TV Shows


This Netflix original will suck you in for 13-odd hours and spit you out wanting more. It’s best to go into the show knowing nothing, but just know that it’s like nothing you’ve watched before. It’s a show about a whole new kind of love, as well as the classic familiar, platonic, and romantic love. The show is almost an ode to love in some ways. Definitely unmissable, whether you choose to watch it on Valentine’s Day or not.

Gossip Girl

Team Chuck, Dan, or Nate? How about Team Gossip Girl? Six seasons of pure, trashy watching. The constantly changing couples in the show will keep you on your feet. In fairness, there’s not a chance that you’ll get through the entire show in the space of one day, but the drama of it is all you need to get through the 14th.

Modern Family

Modern Family’s Valentine’s specials are golden. If you’re in for a laugh, just skip through the seasons and check out the show’s Valentine’s episodes. They’ll make you laugh, and if you’re the type to easily cry you might just do that too.