Editor’s Note

Dear all,

This week is the last week of term. No, I do not believe it either! Time can fly impeccably quickly and before we will know it, the time will come for us to sit our exams. But let’s not get ahead of ourselves and take things one day at a time. Being mindful about each activity can actually be good for your brain.

I think we all know that on Monday is Maynooth Christmas Day. It is a definite opportunity for us all to take that day off and properly immerse ourselves in the festive atmosphere we have been slowly surrounded with more and more since the 1st of November. Let’s be frank: once the Hallowe’en decorations are off the shelves, it means Christmas. However, I urge you all to be mindful on the Christmas day and watch out for one another. Things can get more than a little tipsy that day so watch out not only for yourself but for your friend also. But if you want more information on how to survive the day, we have a guide live on MU Times, so I tempt you to check it out!

But most importantly, I hope you all have good Christmas and spend some seriously quality time with friends and family. Will put your feet up and rewind. I am sure you all worked hard this semester and deserve to take a break. Christmas can be a bit cheesy, but it also can be fun and enjoyable. And I hope you all find lovely presents under your tree and hopefully these are not a shower gel gift set. Does anyone actually enjoy getting these as gifts?

I hope you all have a good break. We will see you after the break.

With warmest wishes,

Mags (creative editor)