Editor’s Note

Dear all,

Once again it’s that lovey dovey time of the year. Yes, it is Valentine’s Day. Ugh. I know! The thought of that day makes me throw up! Pink or red cards like a plague populate every supermarket and bookshop. It’s the time of the year when you don’t have a special someone you feel alone, forever alone.  Not the best way to feel! Despite everyone else assuming that you are one happy puppy when you are one sad puppy indeed!

However, what a holiday like Valentine’s Day does – and hence these festivities become problematic! – is that they make us feel like we should focus on love on one day only. We as homo sapiens are relatively vain and enjoy boasting our affection for other according to the calendar’s dictation. Valentine’s Day demands that you should make a fuss around your love one on the 14th of February. Should each day count when in a relationship with that special someone? Shouldn’t we felt obliged to care for people we love on all the days of the year? Or is it too much to ask?!

Actually I am exaggerating a little! Valentine’s Day isn’t that bad!

Most of us have people whom they love and love spending time with. Although the whole day is mainly aimed at romantic couples, perhaps Valentine’s day should be an opportunity to show off your attention to other people who are in your life? Just to be kind to others and most importantly yourself.

But then at the end of the day I wouldn’t get too bogged down. Valentine’s Day is just a date.  More than often there are things more important than dates! (Disclaimer: that pun was not intentional).

With warmest wishes,


Creative Editor