Editor’s Note

Dear all,

Supposedly Spring has arrived, but outside it’s terribly gloomy outside. Are we ever going to get some sunshine? Does not look like it! Make sure to take your Vitamin D supplements and drink your milk because it looks like rain is all that we are going to rain. Sunrays are not in sight!

I find that when the weather is gloomy, I can work better. Why? I have no sunny distractions which might prevent me from doing work. That what I may completely immerse myself in all the various tasks.

Sometimes we fool ourselves into thinking that success happens naturally and seldom any work went into producing something. Don’t we all hand in our assignments like it’s the easiest thing in world and perhaps we dismiss how hard we in fact worked on something. When the climax of success is reached, we admire the pretty outcome but do not mention the toil that produced it.

Are we ashamed that success did not happen overnight? But that’s the truth. Success does not happen overnight. It is not something that arose from the thin air!

Trying to find that special snowflake or trying to recover from an eating disorder or becoming more fit. All of that takes time. A lot of times.

Things do not happen overnight. We should appreciate that.

After all, Rome was not build in one day.

Have a lovely week.

With warmest wishes,


(Creative Editor)