Editor’s Note

Dear all,

Last weekend, Maynooth was the host of a massive debating competition which was the Maynooth Open.  Debating teams from all colleges in Ireland arrived in Maynooth. For two whole days heated topics were debated, leaving everyone involved exhausted but intellectually satisfied. MUT would like to congratulate everyone who was involved in the running of the event.

In the recent weeks, the highly anticipated film: “Beauty and the Beast” finally (!) appeared on the screens of cinemas. Many people love Disney, and the strong fairy-tale aspect of the films they produce. But are those films propagating slightly back-warded ideals? Do many girls are still subconsciously looking for the prince charming?  What about the ideal of beauty? In the film the Beast gets changed back into the handsome man that he was before the witch had turned him. Why do we still think that you win at life when your mate is beautiful only when beautiful? Those films are highly popular but it does not mean they are problematic.

Anyway, it’s only a couple of weeks left before college ultimately finishes. Pushing ourselves for the last final weeks is not easy. Just remember: you are almost there. Before you will know it, you will be finished and free from it all!

Have a good week!

With warmest wishes,

Mags Fraczek,

The Editor