Editor’s Note

Dear all,
For this year, this is the last issue of MU Times. It has been another year for our student publication as we have been able to produce MU Times for a full college year.

Last year, due to the lack of a consistent student publication in Maynooth, a group of us from LitNDeb and Media Soc., decided to set up our own publication. We decided to make the publication an online one because this way we knew that we could reach a bigger student body and easier to communicate with the students. In the last year we managed to put forward articles like student opinion articles, various interviews, or reportative articles of what was happening on campus or in Maynooth.

Initially, we began with zero likes on Facebook. And over the year that we were live, we were able to grow to 1500 likes on Facebook, and get over 10,000 views per article. I think that it is an achievement for a small group of us who decided to set up the weekly online publication.

Sadly, this is my last time editing the publication. I must admit that editing the publication was a perfect pleasure. Although, it had its more difficult moments, but the positives like including being able to inform all of the students about what is going on campus was the biggest and most rewarding positive.

I edited the publication creatively – but Joanie Doyle edited the publication technically. I would like to thank her massively, because without her technical skills and support this publication would not be feasible.

Also, a massive thank you for the rest of MU Times team who look over the other aspects of the paper. Your help was indispensable.

I would like to thank all the writers whom contributed articles for the publication. I know that for some of you the contribution of articles was a slight challenge but I loved seeing you all succeed.

And last but not least, a massive thank you to everyone who read articles and stuck with MU Times the last year.  The readership was much appreciated. .

All in all, editing MU Times was one unique and rewarding experience.

For now, I hope that the last few articles will be enjoyed.

I would like to wish you all the best of luck in the upcoming exams. Hope you will enjoy your summer and fulfil those summer plans.

With warmest wishes,
Mags (Creative Editor)