Five Things Everyone Experiences Living in On-Campus Accommodation

Anyone who lives on campus at any stage throughout their academic career will know that these 5 things happen to everyone at one time or another. It is all part of the fun. From hating the RAs to hating your roommates, on-campus accommodation will bring you on a journey you will never forget.

1). Hearing everything your roommates do in the next room (gross, keep it down)

You always know when your roommate has scored. Not that it happens all that often, but you know when it does: “Aw man I’m wrecked, didn’t get a wink of sleep last night with yer one!”
Your smug roommate winks at you, slyly: “I know, sure I was up with yis as well. Heard everything.”

The look of embarrassment that will spread across his face as he vividly remembers what he said to his drunken lover; things that should never be repeated. You smile inwardly, revenge is yours.

2). Never knowing when the inspection is going to be sprung upon you

Let’s face it, you knew there was an inspection this week but you just weren’t prepared for it. You were out last night, the place is a mess, the floor is sticky from spilled €4 wine, it is an absolute disaster. The thought of tidying up is making your head spin even more, but sure who cares if you fail the inspection – it is not like you would ever find out anyway.

3). Being on edge if anyone knocks the window or door when you’re having a sesh

So you’ve got four or five people over, it’s past ten (you little rebels) and everyone is drinking. Every time you hear a noise you all freeze because you know if the RAs catch you with this many people over there will be war. A sudden knock on the window and all breathing stops.
“How many people are in there?”


You quietly count one, two, … seven, eight… fifteen…


“Alright. Keep the noise down, yeah?”

Everyone exhales. Got away with it again!

4). Being so close to college but still missing lectures

Come on now like you’re literally living ten feet away from where your lecture that is taking place right now. Somehow it’s just so easy to stay in bed even though you had perfectly good intentions of going to your 9am lecture on European Politics. In your mind you play it through:

“I said I’d go. I really should go. The exams are coming up, I’ve missed so many lectures. I don’t even know what’s going on in these lectures any more. Sure apparently they never do anything…”
As the thoughts go in this cycle, you slowly turn over and drift off into a blissful, lecture-free doze.

5). Everything is dirty. Everything.

You cannot bring yourself to clean your own dishes, let alone your entire apartment’s dishes. This is the true student life here: the sticky floor carpeted by empty pizza boxes and cans; dishes with day-old food sitting around the sink; six or seven full bin bags sitting by the door waiting to be brought out by some brave trooper of a student. There may be a layer of grime on everything you own, but you wouldn’t change it for the world. Life on-campus is an experience to say the least, one that you will hold onto for the rest of your life.