Freezer Meals

It is important that your body is not totally starved of nutrients when you first move to college. The stress of moving combined with a few wild nights out can be so draining so you need your fuel to keep on top of things!

Aldi is a life saver and it is situated right across from the college! They have brilliant stock at student friendly prices! Here is a breakdown of the best buys to get to make you meals cheap, cheerful and handy!


Zip lock freezer bags – you can freeze almost everything! Simply put your food in the bag, ensure that it is airtight and it will typically last for up to a month in there!

Spices – I love my garlic and chilli! I add it to practically everything. With such a range of spices available so at a cheap price, it is a great way to make your food more exciting and delicious. They will last you most of the year and if you root through the spice rack at home there is bound to be  two of the same jar that you can use!

Sauces – Aldi have a huge range of sauces that are just to die for! My personal favourites are their BBQ sauce and sweet chilli sauce – so good for stir fries!


Chicken – what I typically do rather than spending €4 on the chicken breasts, is buy the drumsticks. They are around €1.50 for eight. By using scissors, it’s fairly easy to remove the skin and get the meat off the bone. If you’re not using the chicken straight away you can put the meat into the ziplock bags and leave it till you need it! Simply take them out the night before to defrost.

Mince – the 4% fat mince is a little bit more expensive that the regular mince. I use kitchen roll to drain the fat from the regular mince as it cooks. Be very careful as hot fat can give you a bad burn if it gets on your skin!

Bacon – I love bacon, but I discovered last year that I ended up throwing out a large amount of it because I couldn’t get through it all in a week! If you place each slice in a freezer bag and put them in the freezer and they will stay fresh forlonger! Bacon can also be safely cooked when it is frozen too so there is no problems with defrosting it!


Frozen – you can buy frozen vegetables and they are really handy! There is no mess; you just add them to whatever you are cooking. There are a variety of frozen vegetables available too; from onion to mushroom to mixed veg to a stir-fry mix! Great stuff for those who have failed to ever cut a pepper at home!

Super 6 – Aldi do a promotion on fruit and vegetables called the super six. Try to pick up a bag of fruit in there so you have a healthy snack on hand. If you don’t use them quickly enough you can grate/chop it up to freeze it.



My favourite place to access recipes is slimming eats! Granted, it is a slimming world recipe website but the recipes on there are easy to follow and the ingredients are cheap.

If you are not interested in following recipes, the curry and bolognaise jars that Aldi sell are brilliant. Fry up your meat the veg, then add the sauce and you’re done! Now best part is that those jars serve four people. If you are cooking for one you can distribute the three left over portions into three zip lock bags and freeze them for another time.

What I usually do is have Sunday leftovers from home on a Monday. Bolognese on a Tuesday, curry on a Wednesday, chilli con carne (from the slimming eats website) on a Thursday. I go home again on a Friday where Mammy is cooking! So realistically I only cook one week out of four! I only have to buy things like milk and bread during the week because dinner is sorted! All you do is boil the pasta or rice and leave whatever you are having out to defrost overnight then reheat it in the microwave!  Job Done!