Gilmore Girls: A Cure for the 2016 Blues

2016 has been a truly awful year. It’s a constant news cycle of horrific world events, from the deaths of much loved celebrities (is anyone over David Bowie yet?), to a US election that divided the world a terrifying amount, to mistreated puppies being smuggled through Dublin port. It seems pretty bleak. However, there is a shining light at the end of November. That light is the new four-part Netflix season of Gilmore Girls.

If you, like many others, just want to bury yourself under your duvet and hide from the world, you could have worse company than the town of Stars Hollow with you. Gilmore Girls seasons 1-7 are available to stream on Netflix, with Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life coming at the end of November.

Watching Gilmore Girls is the entertainment equivalent of the Norwegian hygge concept that’s apparently A Big Thing Everywhere now, in which you live your life in a bundle of simple comforts. The town in which it is set, Stars Hollow, is in a constant autumnal state. Think warm yellow and red tones, endless cups of coffee, and a lot of pie. Not an Irish autumn either, it rarely rains so none of the characters ever look like drowned rats.

I heartily recommend that the next time you’ve got a chunk of spare time, or need a bit of mindless self-care, to turn Gilmore Girls on. Embrace the Gilmore Girls way of life. Settle in with coffee (or tea if your coffee consumption habits have left you with a constant case of the shakes), some treat foods (pizza is optimum for Gilmore Girls), and some cosy-ass slipper socks.

Enter the town of Stars Hollow and let the cold, cruel world behind. Walk into Luke’s diner and grab a slice of apple pie, take a walk around the crunchy-leaf covered Stars Hollow town square, and settle in to fall in love with some of television’s most loveable characters.

Lorelai Gilmore will inspire you with her zest for life, quick-talking abilities (seriously, the woman can talk), and bottomless stomach full of delicious-looking food. Her friendship with Sookie, her co-worker at the Independence Inn will give you better friendship goals since Taylor Swift arrived with her army of a girl squad. Lorelai goes through many romantic disasters, which will make you feel marginally less bad about any time you’ve woke up next to a Big Mistake after a Thursday in the Roost.

Rory Gilmore will renew your academic aspirations. The girl is a machine of studying and getting her goals. You may feel inclined to tackle that Ulysses essay after watching her give impassioned speeches about her love of academia. Or it could go the other way, and you could feel guilty that you have less drive than this superhuman essay-writing machine. If the latter is the case, worry not, you can just switch focus to honing your opinions on her life interests.

One of the biggest debates surrounding the show, that divides fans to this day, is which of Rory’s boyfriends is right for her. Whether it’s the original boyfriend Dean, who is the epitome of the early 2000s good boy crush, bad boy and leather jacket-wearing babe Jess, or the future sugar daddy Logan. Or you could deviate from the boys, and opt for #TeamRory – believing that the boys aren’t the most important thing, and that Rory’s career is truly the ship that won’t sink.

Where the show really shines, and what gives it such re-watch power, is the regular citizens of Stars Hollow. The snarky Frenchman Michel (“every day that you breathe you make my life harder), Kirk (who has had more jobs than you can imagine), to Miss Patty (local dance hall teacher and serious player). The citizens of Stars Hollow make the show so well-rounded, and will put a big smile on your face.

So prepare to get through the last month of 2016 with some sweet early 2000s dramedy. There’s only 153 episodes in the original 7 seasons, go on and treat yourself to some downtime with the Stars Hollow crew. It might be just about the only good thing about 2016.