Life’s A Drag

This article is different to my usual ones. I will address now this isn’t about how hard life can be. We are in the time of Spring, the time of rebirth and renewal. It was in Spring last year I came to terms with something about myself. Now this year I have only come further on that journey.  So, I will just come out and say it. I have a strong feminine side and I enjoy dressing up as a woman sometimes. I love it in fact. For a mix of reasons. I think it is a lot of fun, it’s liberating, a way of connecting to my feminine side and different.  I grew up thinking this was wrong, that men cannot do this unless that man is gay, or in theatre of some sort.  Speaking as a heterosexual dude I have felt alone in this for a long time.

However, over the last few years in college, I have learned that it is okay. I experimented at a few events on my year abroad in California, which goes to show that you can explore other areas about yourself when you study abroad.  Yet it is through events in Maynooth that I really learned to feel okay. Here are some events I want to shoutout over my time in Maynooth where I got to explore this.


I took the obvious opportunity and dressed up on Halloween when it would definitely be acceptable. I did this on two Halloweens in Maynooth. Even got a little taste of the unfair side of being a woman on a night out like one’s ass being smacked. Still I braved the roost in heels and had a fun time with my female friends. Last year MU Pride soc had their first ever Queer Prom, that I attended dressed up after being encouraged from several Maynooth friends. This year I got an interesting dare from a friend of mine in the Law Soc Committee to attend the Law Ball that was held on Decemeber 1st, dressed as the character Elle Woods from Legally Blonde. Funnily enough I also ended up being the main photographer of the event which forced me to engage with everyone. Folks at the Law Ball couldn’t have been nicer.


Last year Pride soc held a very special event of a collaborative Drag Race with MU Pride and DCU LGBTQA. This event was in honor of former student Dean MacCereain who tragically passed away last year suddenly. For those that don’t know Dean was our resident Drag Queen in Maynooth. That Drag Race was the first time I really did drag as a character and found myself naming my inner woman. Dubbed her Kara Kalua, from being a Supergirl fan and from Hawaii. I did that same drag race this year and represented Maynooth’s name once more. This used to be the biggest question mark in my life, my biggest secret. Now I am okay to come out and talk about it.  I even wrote a piece about it for the show MENding Monologues titled Balance, and I performed it. It felt so gratifying. I am performing it one more time in the next few days at the show on Wednesday in the venue.  I have finally learned to accept this part of me and I thank Maynooth for that. To all the friends, that have helped me come to terms with this, reading this thank you, you know who you are 😊 .

To all the dudes out there, I highly recommend at least once dressing up as a woman walking in their shoes (great craic). Or in general for women to try dressing the opposite, it can be fun to play with gender roles, even just to see.  Afterall Life is a Drag.