Mischief and MSU collaboration: Is it worth your while?

The SU bar is a great spot for a pint agus plé with your mates. Over the course of Freshers Fortnight they have been hosting a variety of events which overall had a great response. These events are free to attend and are specifically aimed towards the broke student. With the announcement of these events, the SU launched their collaboration with one of the local the nightclubs, Mischief. The idea is that you go to the SU first and get a stamp which will get you into Mischief for the reduced price of €4 rather than paying the full €8. Mischief Mondays are a staple here at Maynooth and getting in for half the price was brilliant news for a lot of students! Here was my experience.

I arrived at the SU at roughly 10p.m. with my friends and got our usual order: a round of frosties. The atmosphere was buzzing for the first night of Freshers. Tonight the event was a Frat Party. There was beer pong going and good music on. 10:30 p.m. came around and there was no sign of any stamps. I had been scanning the hands of people who had been passing by and nobody had one. My initial thought was that we had come too late and the stamps were no longer being given out – but where were everyone else’s? It was getting late to go to the nightclub. Mischief is crowded on a regular night, never mind Freshers week! In the end, we ditched the stamp and went to the nightclub. We reached Mischief and the queue was unfathomable. We met others who were in the SU before us and they hadn’t received any stamps either. We all had to pay the regular €8 entry fee and oh my gosh was it packed!

I’ve since done some research into the mystery of the stamps, this is what I’ve found. On the poster created for advertising purposes in the SU there are T&Cs: the stamps are not available until 11:15pm. The T&Cs are miniscule and are written in white text against a lilac background, making it difficult to spot. Now I know that’s how most things are but I personally thought it was poor form on behalf of the SU and Mischief. It was many first years first night out in Maynooth and I feel to an extent that they were misled. It felt dishonest. Both organisations know that 11:15 p.m. is too late to go into a nightclub that closes around 1:30 a.m. . The result was that, like me, many people went to the SU with the intention of only having a drink or two before leaving, ended up spending more money than planned waiting for a stamp and then still had to pay full price into the club as it was getting too late. I think if they had been upfront about when the stamps were available, it would not have upset as many people. I’m a big fan of the SU bar but I have to say this, in particular, was a letdown for me.