MSU Elections Executive Candidates – Jason Carroll, President

Tell me a bit about yourself please?

I’m a mature student, studying in Maynooth. I’m in my third year. I’m studying a double honours degree of Social Policy and Sociology. Before coming to Maynooth, I managed a clothes shop, I still work for the same company which is Louis Copelands in Dublin City Centre and I’ve worked to various bars throughout Dublin as well and I’m Roscommon through and through.

In your own opinion, what do you think the role of the President is?

To stand and support the students. Genuinely there is no sort of line there, I need to support the students. You need to knock down walls. You need to make sure you communicate and you are seen as a place that is warm and inviting to all.

What inspired you to run for the position of the President of the Students Union

I’m dyslexic and I would have experienced how dyslexia and how people with learning disabilities would be treated. With that, I’ve met a few lovely people and I’ve an amazing support system around me that encourage me to go to college. In college, I saw how supports are being taken away from students. So, the reason that I’m running for President is because I want to improve the supports and to try and really make the rope that ties students stronger.

The position of President is a significant role, do you have any leadership experience with Clubs, Societies, The Students Union in Maynooth or outside the university?

Outside the university, I have tonnes. I’ve managed a clothes shop and had to debate, speak to a number of different suppliers. I set my own conditions and the staff’s conditions. I am in the Mature Students Society. I would have been a member of that for two years, not this year to be very honest. There is more in relation to the fact that I was assistant manager in charge of a bar and I managed another clothes shop.

Is there anything you could bring to the role of President that the students haven’t seen before?

Passion. I don’t think the same level of passion is there. I know the ties, the commitment that are there presently. I know the work that is done is phenomenal. But I’d really bring passion to it and a mature aspect that I think wouldn’t go astray.

What are you aims as President if elected?

Briefly, I want to make the Students Union a more inclusive area. I want to make the SU more inclusive for all the students. It’s sort of seen as a very small, very specific cohort of students have access to the SU. One of my big aims would be to make it a lot more inclusive.

Would you have any issue with disagreeing with the decisions of your Vice-Presidents if necessary?

If it’s not going to benefit the students then it’s not going to happen. It’s very straightforward. If it’s not going to benefit the students, then it’s not going to happen. That’s it.

Is there anything you feel is in need of improvement or updating in regards to the role of President?

I’m just after doing a debate with the other candidates and I was really reassured, pleased and warmed to hear of the work that is being presently being done by the student President. The work that Dillion (Dillion Grace, current MSU President) is doing is amazing. I really do think that he is working along the lines that would be very close to my own heart. I couldn’t say anything negative about that at all

What would you say to people who are considering voting for you? Why should you be the next President of Maynooth’s Student’s Union?

I think I bring a level of leadership. I’m not doing it to write it on my CV. I care about the students. I care about education. I really do care about students. It’s a very important position to hold. I do believe that I am the best person for the job, genuinely and that I can work in a positive way for all the students.