MSU Elections Executive Candidates – Maryann Thunder, President

I am a Third Year Student, I do Computer Science and I do Celtic Studies.  I’m Double Honours, I came to University after…I used to work in a crèche and after the downturn found myself unemployed so what I did was I went to Adult Education, I fell in love with Maths and Computers and I wanted to go study.  While I’ve been here in the University I’ve been with so many clubs and societies.  I am absolutely, totally involved, full width, student engagement, I have worked on many, many campaigns and for my 3rd Year I am the Mature Rep on the Executive.

What made you decide to run?

I thought, and I still think, I would be good for this Student Union, and that I can make a difference.

What are your three main focus points for your campaign?

Transparency.  Tuning into what students have to say and also treating students, like students, and not like the number is on their card.  I can expand on that.

Like transparency wise, is that I work here in the S.U.  I have been    involved in, I’m on the Executive and I’ve often had to defend the Student Union to students when they see nothing being done they say nothing’s going on, I’m going, “if you walked in the door you’d see how chaotic it is in here.  Just because you don’t see something coming out of it doesn’t mean something isn’t happening behind the door and what I would like to do is produce a weekly newsletter so that, even just a small paragraph, for each officer, just going “this is what I did for you this week” so that they’re not under that view of the students, I don’t like it and I know they worked really, really hard.

Tuning in, I found a lot of people saying that they found it hard to get access to talk to the officers, so what I want to do is if we can put up our timetables and if there’s spare time during the week the students can come and talk to us that way.

My third point, as I said, like, treating people like students and not the number that’s attached to their I.D., is basically about facilities and the lack thereof on the University at the moment.  As I brought up on my hustings last night, that the Assistant Technology Room was taken away from the day students and it was supposed to be going out to the community and on a number of occasions I have walked by where that room was actually empty and not being used.

So what I suggest is that, well, I hope to suggest that if it’s not being used that it will be opened to students, if not, even if we got somewhere in Canon Building or even in the Library where these computers are knocked off and they’re used for students that actually need them, you know, and they’re used for the people with disabilities, with sight problems, with dyslexia, with many, many other disabilities, also, as I said before, the lack of facilities we do have now have the microwaves and I do have to give absolute [props] to the Welfare Officer, she did an amazing job, but there’s not enough of them, but I do know there is cost incurred and that is something I really will look into, but a hot meal isn’t much of an ask.  You know a happy student gives happy results, you know a good diet will give a happy student which will also give results which will benefit the University in the over all.


With a week under your belt of campaigning are there any other issues which have come to light?

Issues?  No, not really in my concern, I know a few candicy in our first week with my two other campaigners, I went back watched my hustings, I totally agree with Leon, eh, we had a bonding session as part of the executive but we had it come a little late into the semester, so I’d actually agree with Leon and have it earlier, break down barriers, have a communication going with everyone and also work on the point that Jason said, “get to know your other Executive Officers, get two know their inputs, get feedback from them, because I am there for them and they are there for me and I would take a bit out of both of them what they said.