MSU Elections Executive Candidates – Rosara Traynor, VP for Welfare and Equality

What inspired you to run for VP Welfare and Equality?

I’ve been involved with the welfare crew since I was in first year. I’ve had some of the most amazing experiences, and I’ve gotten so much from being a part of it and it has become so much more to me than just a club or society. I really feel it’s time I gave back, and I think the best way to do so is by running for the position of VP for Welfare and Equality.

How long have you been thinking about running ?

I’ve thought long and hard about running, I finally set my mind on it last December and it was one of my best decisions so far.

Have you been involved in the student union or student politics before ?

My only involvement in the students union has been by helping to run events and campaigns in conjunction with the Welfare Crew and the Welfare and Equality officer.

If elected what positive differences would you make to the Student Union and Student body as a whole?

I would ensure that every student knows who their Welfare and Equality officer is and how to get in contact with them. I would promote a positive attitude towards personal safety on and of campus, which would be aided by a six week personal safety program. I would also wish to promote the students union as a place where students feel supported and valued.

Welfare and Equality is the biggest race this year, what are your thoughts on this ? 

I think it’s great that people are interested in the Welfare and Equality of the students. It’s good to see candidates from different aspects of the college too. It’s an intimidating time running for any election no matter how many opponents you have. I must say though my opponents are all exceptional, it has not discouraged me from running for the position.

Finally, why should students vote for you ?

I feel the students should vote for me because I’ve had a lot of experience with the welfare crew to date, I know what I’m getting myself in for. This is something I want with all my heart, and I promise the students that if I am elected, that I will always be there to listen, and help them in any way that I can.