Nearly There

Not long to go now with the last six weeks of lectures coming up this can be a particularly challenging time for students who have already worked so hard through the year. It is understandable to hit a slump or hit a brick wall at this time of year. These coming weeks many of us will be bogged down with assignments and presentations. It’s this time of the year that many of us may feel to be the hardest. With the large amount of work put in throughout the year it can be difficult to keep energy levels up and motivation. It is something I am sure many of us students feel so don’t worry you are not alone. Keep in mind if it was easy everyone would be doing it. You may have doubts, you may feel you’re not able or just end up procrastinating. But don’t forget you have already come this far and you can complete this. Do not lose sight of your end goal, the ability to dig deep will get you one step further to graduating. Something we are all here and aiming for. Imagine how good it’s going to feel when you successfully get through another year or graduation.

Something I do to help keep me motivated is I break down the bigger picture of passing the year into smaller goals. What assignments are coming up and when. Drawing up a list of these in order of when they need to be done can be a great motivator especially when you complete one and cross it off. It gives a sense of a small achievement and can boost your mentality to get you stuck into the next one. To see that list get smaller and smaller both reduces how daunting the workload may appear and give you enough encouragement to push on. A lot of time as well if you are like me you may feel like you’re not bothered but if you just dig deep inside yourself and just start it you will be surprised at how it is not actually that bad. It sure may be tiring but the hardest part I find is starting an assignment but when I do I sometimes end up enjoying it and the sense of pride that comes from the bit of work you just achieved. After all you have worked hard all year, think about how all the hard work you are putting in will pay off in the end.

As well as little things like setting small goals to tackle one by one, you can also reach out to friends if you have hit a slump. Friends can be a great motivator and you can help each other. Don’t lose your self-believe either just because you might have hit a slump and never give up on your goals. If you do it can be something that you will regret, think back about the achievements you have done already, do you really want to throw away all that work, no I doubt it. You have all come this far and are more than capable of reaching the finish line and that finish line is in sight, we are nearly there, nothing is ever easy but it will pay off in the end. No point throwing away all the hard work you have already put in. Finish and finish well, the feeling will be great. Plus it’s not long we will all be on our summer break soon enjoying the sun, well that’s if we get any this year.