Open letter against Repealing the 8th

I am a 30-year-old male from the United States. I have served overseas in Iraq and South Korea. I am pretty liberal when it comes to what a person does to their own body and also liberal where it concerns sexuality. I do not begrudge another person their choices on most things. When it comes to abortion I am the same way, though not in the way the reader may expect. I do not support repealing the eighth. The reason is simple and rather easy to understand. A fetus is a living being. They have their own body and their own personal life. Saying that the eighth is oppressing a woman’s right to choose is a fallacy as she, for the most part, has already made a choice. The baby is the result of that choice and therefore does not fall under a woman’s right to choose.

Let me be clear here. By having an abortion, a woman is taking the right of another living being to continue to live. There are, of course, exceptions to this rule. Fatal fetal abnormality is the first. This describes a set of issues with the baby where the child will not survive outside of the womb due to deformation, or a situation where deformations may cause serious risk to the mother. In this, there is a right to choose. Cases of rape or incest are the second set of issues where I believe that abortion is acceptable. Again, I want to be clear for the audience. Taking a life is still taking a life. Just as there are certain instances where lethal force are acceptable and justified, these two situations I have outlined above are the only two situations where it is acceptable to take the life of a growing child in the womb.

I do not hold these beliefs out of any Christian ideals or any political ideals. They are religious, I am a pagan, a child of the earth and sky. I do not truck with the needless killing that abortion has become. Unfortunately, in places where abortion is legal, some use it as a form of contraception.

In response to the story that Fem Soc have used as a bolster to their argument, this is exactly what happened. The couple stated outright that they chose to abort because they ‘were not ready”. Unfortunately for that child, it was not ready to be scraped, in pieces, from the woman’s womb. I implore anyone who wishes to contemplate repealing the eighth to watch videos of the results of abortions. Even at ten weeks the fetus…wait, ill use the proper term, the infant is still moving outside of the womb as it is left to die. Even further along and the baby must be removed in sections.

I have to ask those who are supporting allowing easy access to abortions why they do so. Mostly, the answer I get is “The woman should have the right to choose” or “reproductive rights are important” I agree. I absolutely agree that a woman should have a right to choose what happens to her body. What I don’t agree with is the murder of a life that is resultant from that choice. There are contraceptives available to all in clinics around the nation. Condoms, the pill, the shot, IUD. For males, there are other options as well.

The choice of contraceptives are no longer just the woman’s problem. And that brings me to reproductive rights. Where I am from, A woman can go and get an abortion in two days. The first day is in processing and assessment. The second day is the actual procedure. This leads to many women having four, five, even six abortions in their lifetime. The man never gets to choose. That baby is half his. Should a man not have equal reproductive rights to his child? After all, you cant really produce a baby on your own.. should not the choice be offered to the man?

In closing, I do not support repealing the eighth. Since Roe V Wade in the states, abortion clinics have killed 61 million fetuses. This is more than the genocide of the holocaust and the deaths at the hands of the Khmer Rouge in Cambodia under Pol Pot combined. Repealing the Eighth means allowing the murder of untold numbers of children before they even have the chance to live. Once conceived, the baby has a right to life just as much as the mother carrying it.