Pro-Choice Society Lashes Out at SU Inaction

It seems that the Pro-Choice Society have decided enough is enough and they want action. An open letter penned by the society to the Students Union was posted on their Facebook page on March 5th. In this, they expressed their deep disappointment at the failure of the SU in organising a promised ‘Repeal week’ on campus. They stated that there was little to no correspondence from the Union up until the end of last week. However, this was deemed not good enough because the Repeal week was due to begin this week after Wellfest, on Monday March 5th. There were no promotions, no planning, no campaigning, nothing done at all. The Pro-Choice society have conveyed that due to the fact we are a Pro-Choice campus, as voted by the students, the SU have a mandate to promote a Repeal the 8th stance and not leave it to the students to call attention to what should be the advertised views of the Union. The Repealers have called for a publicly issued apology from the Union followed by a well organised, thought-out and proper Repeal week sometime later in semester two.

Some students, allied with the Pro-Choice society, voiced their opinion in the comments with many of them feeling let down by the Student’s Union, the people they have voted in to be their voice. Repeal supporter Jenny Keane-Molloy wrote,

“This is the exact problem with student politics. It’s a career move, not a passion. I feel totally unsupported and taken advantage of here. I am proud of the committee. And very let down by the Student Union.”

Upon reading the comments, it is clear to see that a majority of the student body feel let down by the Student’s Union and have the same stance in wanting action from them.

“I think the point being made was that since the SU is mandated to campaign for Repeal, a pro choice society should be unnecessary as the SU should be fulfilling their role (sic)”, these words commented by Paul Russell seem to be the opinion across the board. There is, however, some different stances on the letter with some students thinking the SU should not be politically involved in the campaign and remain neutral. Although this can be understood, it was the students here who wanted and then, succeeded in getting a referendum regarding the University and whether to be Pro-Choice or Pro-Life.

We have reached out to acting President Niamh Halpenny for comment, but the Student’s Union are yet to publish any response to the open letter. There is no doubt that the Repeal the 8th events have been kicked up a notch following the publishing of the open letter with a number of events planned.

Image credit: MU Pro-Choice Society Facebook page, designed by Cian Brennan