Scary Movie?

Being a huge horror fan it seems obvious that my favourite movie is a horror one. Released in December of 1996 and labelled a D.O.A by Variety, Scream shocked audiences with its grotesque and outlandish violence accompanied with well written characters and a great sense of humour. The movie was expected to bomb given the bad buzz leading up to its release. When the first week only brought in 6 million dollars it seemed as though the initial thought was the correct one. However, as the weeks went on the film surpassed the 100-million-dollar mark and it appears those initial fears were unfounded. However, there is one thing about this movie that I feel I must tell you all right off the bat… It’s not scary. As much as I adore the late Wes Craven’s work this movie just is not that scary. ‘The Master of Horror’ had created such classics like ‘A Nightmare on Elm Street’, ‘The Last House on the Left’ and ‘The Hills have Eyes’, all cult classics and truly terrifying movies. So why is this movie my favourite movie of all time? I call myself a horror fan yet one of my favourites is a movie I don’t even think is scary. Once you’ve seen it you can memorise the jump scares, you know who’s done it so what’s the point? That…. we’ll get to.

The movie opens with one of the most iconic sequences in cinema history. The murder of Drew Barrymore, not her character because it’s just Drew in a wig let’s get real, and her boyfriend Steve. That phone call spans almost 13 minutes and her performance is something worth seeing. She is ultimately gutted and hung from a tree which greets her parents as they return home. Immediately after we are introduced to out protagonist Sidney Prescott played by Neve Campbell and her boyfriend Billy Loomis played by Skeet Ulrich. What follows are twists and turns trying to figure out who is killing all these teens. The movie also has, what I considered to be, the best character in any horror movie Randy Meeks, played by Jamie Kennedy. Randy is a huge horror fan and practically satirizes the plot of the movie and pointing out the rules you need to follow to survive. Which, to be fair, is all they’d need to do to survive until the end of this movie. The plot is very clever at leading down one road and then completely changing the scenery. You think the killer is obvious but then again with characters like Randy you don’t know if they are going to go the traditional route or go all out and do something crazy. All the kills in this movie are creative, extreme and very bloody. The final scene of this movie was so difficult and strenuous to shot the crew and cast were given t-shirts that read ‘I Survived Scene 118’. The effort clearly shows with all the kills. However, the cons of this movie maybe too hard for some to ignore. It is a traditional ‘whodunit’ and I can understand that boring some people. There is a lot of back story regarding the death of Sidney’s mother the year before the movie and the ending and what is revealed in the killer’s monologue can be quite out there, so if your suspension of disbelieve stretches that far then by all means watch this movie.

All in all, the movie does have its flaws but the script, the ending, the characters and how everything ties together is too good to ignore. The effort that was put into this movie is evident from beginning to end, its m favourite movie of all time for a reason. I’m not even going to spoil the terrific killer reveal for you so, with a 9/10 from me you need to go see it and see if you can guess whodunit.