Some American Election Opinions

Last week on Wednesday November 9th 2016 the world witnessed business tycoon and reality star Donald J Trump become the 45th President of the United States. This campaign season has been arguably controversial to say the least. As an American citizen, I was shocked and went through a plethora of emotions.  I realized I wouldn’t have felt half as emotionally invested if it wasn’t for my year abroad in California  two years ago. I reached out to American friends both living across the states  and living here, as well as Maynoothian students who are currently living there.

This is what they had to say:

Cait Harrigan, Library staff at MU an American citizen;

“I am both devastated and frightened by the election of Trump, not because of his political part but because his campaign was overtly built on rhetoric of hate, xenophobia, sexism and misogyny, and white supremacy to name a few!”

Elyse Colbert, white American student of California State University Monterey Bay;

“When I found out around 1am on the night of the election I sat there and cried. I literally cried for over an hour and my roommate heard me and came into my room to see if I was okay. I told her that because I have been a victim of sexual assault, it feels like a slap in the face that America chose someone who is an openly unabashed rapist. I feel like he has disrespected each and every person living America except those too stupid to realize he has….. It’s been a hard week and all anyone can hear when they walk by a group of people is chatter about their views. It’s been depressing on campus. We have had 2 protests so far, and I’m sure that will go on for weeks to come.”

Anonymous Graduated Maynoothian living abroad;

“I think it’s awful.. I think they’ve sealed the fate of their country for at least 30 years.. he’ll select conservative supreme justices that may reverse a lot of the progress Americas made. I wasn’t suprised he won though.. on my drive to work, the amount of trump posters in people’s gardens vs Hillary posters was 4:1 I’d say.. I also knew a lot of trump people would come out of the woodwork on the day. My friends here are devastated so much so that 2 of them are coming back to Ireland with me next year and one of their dads is moving to Germany to retire. They can’t live in a country and watch it fall apart like this.”

Lauren Brooks;

“As a female who is of mixed heritage, Hispanic and white, I was disappointed to say the least with the outcome of the election. My self and my generation by large did not vote for Trump

I am fortunate in the way that I do not resemble the typical stereotype of individuals of Hispanic heritage so I am at little risk for being racially profiled. But I do fear for my friends and my relatives that are at risk, I fear for my Muslim friends, my LGBTQ friends.

They deserve so much more than to live in fear.

For myself I worry that my rights as a woman are in jeopardy. America is not a Christian nation the founding fathers never intended it to be and separation of church and state is in my opinion, crucial to maintaining rights. I believe in respecting an individuals religious beliefs I myself am Heathen, but I do not believe that religion should be used as a platform to revoke rights or demonize behaviour and sadly in some cases it has.

Within my home there is a divide related to the election myself and my stepfather are very opposite and he is a strong Trump supporter. I respect his decision to support his candidate but I’ve noticed that a good number of Trump supporters are very devout, almost zealot like. That is what scare me most about the next four years, that they aren’t going to see how dangerous it is. I fear that they are so blinded that they will turn the other cheek in the face of glaring atrocities. I fear that they have not learned from history and that they will allow themselves to be lead by a man whose words harken back to one of the darkest times in history. But I do retain hope, I will not allow this man, or his supporters to take that away from me.”

Angel Anrellano, young person resident in California, part of LGBTQ+;

“Well I’m scared but excited, it more of mixed emotions. I’m not a hater or a lover of trump, because we never know what could happen. The president can me a so called “bad guy” and “god guy” and we would never know how they truly are until their actions that they make for our country. I’m just waiting to see hat happen. Trump has really strong opinions on the lgbtq community and if he makes decisions that negatively affect us as a community of brothers and sisters it would really be tragic. Depending on what he decides for the lgbtq community it could be good or bad but I’m worried about our rights as humans.

As a transgender man I would hate to lose the rights I have and get the care I need through my transformation. We’re really all waiting on egg shells to see what happens with that. But I stand for our rights all the way and if things do happen in an negative way for the lgbtq community I plan to make a statement hay no matter what the world will not end and we must never give up and keep going. We will never lose who we really are because no one can take that away from us. You know our lives may change and we may never be able to get married but I will fight until the very end to protect the lgbtq community since they are all family and friends, we are all one. How this can particularly affect my family is with all he hate towards people of different minorities.

I have family and friends who do not deserve to be belittled by the world because of hate. As much as trump wants to send all minorities away back to their country I hope he doesn’t because they have fought so much to finally have he American dream we all call it. It will affect my family personally because my father is actually a Mexican minority and with all the hate I hope he is protected as he should be and I will do anything in my power to keep him safe, as well as friends.”

David McCarthy, Idaho resident;

“Democracy has served the United States well for over 200 years. There has always been a winning party and a losing party or parties. The country and the world has survived each one. It will survive this one too. I support the president elect because I agree with his domestic and economic ideas. His opponents fear that soon after taking office there will be a mass deportation and overnight construction of a border wall. What they have forgotten is that our democratic process does not select a dictator. Democracy still has to take place. There will certainly be compromises to Mr. Trump’s plan.

What’s more important than who is or was elected is the cabinet that he surrounds himself with. That team is going to mould and shape Trumps plan into something that will hopefully benefit all Americans. I am positive that the civil rights progress we’ve made in America isn’t going to be set back 50 years as I have heard. I suspect that you will be surprised when it takes another great leap forward by advancing the freedoms and benefits for ALL people including uneducated deplorable white men like me. The conservatives survived President Obama; the liberals will survive President Trump. if you want a name, use David McCarty.

As you can see, there is a huge mix of opinions and emotions to these election results. Trump winning seems to mean something different to everyone. Whether you like him or hate him, he is now the President for the next four years so we will wait and see.”