Spotlight: Katie Deegan

Name: Katie Deegan.

Seeking position:  VP for Education.

Q1: After a week of campaigning what have you learnt and what would you bring forward if elected?

After a week of campaigning I have learned that a lot more students care and want to engage with their SU than I had originally thought. I thought vast majority of students didn’t really mind who they’re sabbatical team were however this week has shown me that this is not the case. Most students I’ve spoken to are taken their vote very seriously. If elected I feel I’d bring a new energy to the education role. I want to push it to the forefront of the SU and reassure students that there is no problem too big that together with the sabbatical team we can’t figure out.

Q2: What would you do different/same?

What I would do differently is maybe run in my third year and not my final year. My degree is very heavy on contact hours and CA so it’s definitely taken some of my focus away from the campaign. What I would do the same is continue to keep up with my studies. I wasn’t prepared to let my six groups down that I’m currently doing 6 group projects with. With Group assignments everyone has a responsibility to make sure nobody’s grades suffer. So I’ve made sure to keep on top of all my CA.


Q3 Why should people vote for you?

People should vote for me because I genuinely care. I have a serious want to improve the current union, make sure students interests are catered for first and foremost. I don’t ever do anything without giving it my all and being elected into the SU won’t be any different.