Spotlight: William Twaddle

Name: William Twaddle

Seeking position:  President

Q1: After a week of campaigning what have you learnt and what would you bring forward if elected?

The campaign has been very educational for me. I have learned how disappointed people are with different aspects of the students union. Firstly we have the commuters who felt the common room and bean bag room were lost too easy and secondly we have the pro-choice students who feel the SU has poorly represented them. Seating and student spaces was always on my manifesto but as for something be I think the 8th amendment committee will need better promotion and help from the union. There is two sides to this though. Firstly the campaign from the SU will need to be more out there. There was only a small crowd at the campaign launch. Secondly some students feel that certain members within the movement have been disrespectful to other views. Why promoting the mandate I believe empathy for other views is needed. But of course this summers referendum could be passed and this will not be needed.

Q2: What would you do different/same?

Through general campaigning I have seen that some issues are surprisingly divisive in my campaign I wanted external heaters to keep people who smoke war and away from loitering at doorways. People believed this to be an encouragement to take up smoking. Its more about reducing illness and the effects of second hand smoke at crowded doorways. Communication is key and the main thing to be taken from this point. When explained fully, many (but not all) people like the idea.

Q3 Why should people vote for you?

People should vote for me because I have been the most proactive candidate throughout the year. I set up and organised the seating protest. I am pained seeing students being ignored by the university. We need strong representation and people who are will to take a stand. I am the candidate who provides this