The Law Ball 2019

‘Photos were taken’ quote by Michael, who said he will sue me if I don’t refer to him in this article.


The law ball is the most prestigious event of the law calendar. Law students and lecturers forget their stress and worries about that assignment due the next day at 1pm or that meeting at 9am. This is when lecturers become students once again and party like there is no tomorrow, BIG shoutout to Michael Doherty the head of the law department, who was rocking the dance floor with his moves.

The bus arrived at the Students Union at 5.15pm and we arrived at the venue; The Bridge House Hotel at 7pm. We were given complimentary champagne and all the attendees arrived gradually. The entrance was filled with suits and dresses. It was a festival of glamour and glasses. Representing the law department were Dr. Edana Richardson, Prof.Michael Doherty, Dr. Ollie Bartlett and Tutor Anil Ozturk. After an hour into the event, everyone was gathered in the reception area.

A funny way to tell us dinner was ready was to ring a bell, it felt like déjà vu because my primary school principal would ring a bell to announce that break was over. The dining hall was grand and had beautiful red lights on the ceiling. Dinner began with vegetable soup, which was rich in flavour. Following this was turkey and ham with vegetables but pasta for me because I do not eat ham due to religion.. Alongside this were plates full of mashed potato. Dessert was a selection of treats such as cheesecake and profiteroles.

Raffles tickets were handed out to anyone wishing to buy them and the prizes were good.  I probably should have bought tickets. As far as I remember, 1st prize was a tablet, 2nd was a gift hamper and another was a VIP place in the club venue with a bottle of bubbly. A few words were said by both the law and Flac societies and following this was also a few words by the man, the myth and the legend Michael Doherty. Of course, Christmas songs had to be played as we are getting into that season, where ‘all I want for Christmas’ lines begin and all that.

After all the champagne, the kind words and the lovely dinner, along came the main event; the club venue. The place came alive after we filled it, blasting the good old club tunes like “Yeah” by Usher, “Mans not hot” by Bigshaq and many others. We were also treated to a live show with all of us joining in on the fun with the singers. All night we sang, drank and had fun. Just when we thought the night could not get any wilder, along came Michael Doherty, showing all the law students how its done, he was embraced by everybody as a celebrity (of course he is one). I also got down to dance, showing my moves on the dance floor.

Here is a funny story that happened that night: The dj decided to pay the generic Indian song ‘Mundian toh bach ke rahi’, I actually know the song and I can sing and dance to it. Back to the story: the song is playing and I notice that majority of the dancefloor are just wondering how to dance to the song and there was one pocket of people who were attempting to dance, they were dancing some weird version of Bharatanatyam(traditional Indian dance), which is definitely NOT Punjabi(the origin of the song), it was fun watching them improvise. Anyway,  I actually danced to it properly and one guy from the dance floor noticed and pointed at me and gestured: “this man is the real deal, he knows what he is doing”. Damn right man, I did know what I was doing!


We returned back to college around 5 am. It is safe to say, I enjoyed myself, met loads of new people, like Max the computer science student who has a girlfriend doing the LLB programme and Cameron who had a not so perfect leg. I hope you get better soon! Sid who was advising me on careers and finally Aoife and Lotus, you guys were great craic; lovely to meet you all. Also, before I forget, kudos to that 1st year law student who told me ‘I remember talking to you at the open day about doing law’ , I must’ve done something right if I convinced you to join Maynooth law! Finally a bit shoutout to the main man Michael who I knew from the Orientation Leader programme, it was great to catch up with you and just to note; I am properly referencing you here, I even quoted you at the start as I promised. So, you cannot sue me!


Cheers to the Law society, Flac society, the law staff and everyone was there. Thank you for making it a brilliant night to remember!