The Summer

The end is drawing near, the final assignments are being handed in and the exams are steadily approaching but after all of our hard work is done and finished, the Summer will finally be here. Hopefully we’ll be able to enjoy the actual sun somewhat as it’s rather rare considering where we live… Personally I’m most looking forward to not being stressed. This year has just been a roller-coaster of stress and anxiety. I’ve seen people go from happiness to tears in a matter of seconds due to 1 bad class. It’ll be nice to have some time away from campus and enjoy life outside of college.

I’m of course looking forward to be able to socialise with friends outside of college but there’s also people who I may lose touch with over the summer who I’ve gotten to know throughout the year, so although I’m excited for summer there’s always that slight worry in the back of my mind but I guess that’s natural, people grow apart and people lose touch, it’s something that happens all of the time.

I’m really looking forward to be able to go on a holiday, get away from everything and everyone for a little while and just enjoy somewhere new that I haven’t been before. Experiencing a new culture. In general I’m just looking forward to being able to enjoy life without any stresses or worries.

Apart from that, I’m also forward to meeting up with old friends who I haven’t seen since I started college. As mentioned before people grow apart and with college I simply haven’t had the time to see my old friends. So we’ve planned trips all around Ireland so that we can finally spend some time with each after spending so long apart.

Finally, I’m looking forward to the heat. It’s been so long since we’ve actually had a hot day that we can enjoy at home. Our weather is miserable most of the time and personally I really like heat, so I can’t wait for a day when I can just lie outside and bask in the sun

I hope all of you reading have a good summer!