Try Something New For Lent

What do you give up for Lent? I spend every year deciding before Lent what I am going to give up, most years I end up choosing… Nothing! I can never quite decide what I would be willing to go without for 40 days, and the next thing I know Ash Wednesday has come and gone and I’m still enjoying all the things I usually do.

According to Twitter, the top ten things people give up for Lent are: Chocolate, Social Networking, Alcohol, Twitter, Facebook, Meat, Sweets, Coffee and Fizzy drinks. But, perhaps instead of giving something up, we should take something on, start something new or do that one thing you have been promising yourself you will get around to eventually. You can do something for yourself or someone else. Maybe you can organise to spend time with your family or friends, having a special get together, with no electronic interruptions or spend time with an elderly neighbour or relative, this will benefit both you and them. My granddad used to tell me stories of his time during WW2 (he was shot three times), he passed away a long-time ago but I will always have those memories to treasure. Try volunteering for meals on wheels or a soup kitchen, this will bring you into contact with a wide variety of people, you can learn so many things from people that have had different life experiences to you, and maybe even give you a new appreciation for what you have in your life.

These are great ways to help someone else but if you would prefer starting something new for yourself then perhaps one of the following will inspire you to give it a go; yoga/pilates (classes are €2 and run by the yoga society, a bargain!!), a craft of some kind: painting/drawing, knitting, sewing or card making. Don’t know how to do any of these things? Check out YouTube, there is literally a tutorial for anything, I have recently started learning Sign Language via YouTube, I decided that for Lent this year I would take something on instead of give something up. So if you are anything like me and can’t quite forgo your chocolate for 40 days perhaps you can do something new instead.