What It’s Been Like to Write for the MU Times

I’ve always loved writing. My earliest memory of independent writing was writing poetry about my cats; award winning stuff, I know. From there, my writing has grown and developed into something I’m incredibly proud of. With my own writing endeavors quickly coming to an end, I decided that it was time to branch out from my informal writing and into something more academic and structured. When I heard that there was an online college newspaper, MU Times I was immediately interested. After scrolling through the pages and pages of articles on their website, I knew that I wanted to be a part of it.

Even though I was a nervous little 1st year student, I made myself attend their AGM and when the call came for a 1st Year Representative to be nominated, I decided that I would go for it. Why not? I felt good enough for the job; I had written for Spunout, was a Proof-reader for a Publishing Company and had been signed to a Publishing Company to have my own work published. So I spoke up and had my nomination seconded. Even though there wasn’t that many people at the AGM, I was still terrified of speaking in front of them. In the end, myself and the other nominee Adam were chosen to represent MU Times.

From then, I’ve written almost 18 different articles covering topical, controversial, interesting and occasionally funny subject matter. Personally, I feel like the articles I write are outlets. Even though I’m tied to a particular subject, I am still free to write (and rant) as much as I want (within reason). I’m able to express my opinions, feelings and thoughts on things that affect me, personally, the student body and the world around us.

It’s an incredibly rewarding feeling to know that people are (hopefully) reading your work. My aim when writing an article is to leave the readers with something to think about; to question their predispositions on certain things, perhaps change their ideas on things and discuss it among friends, family and others. I wouldn’t mind if no one read my articles. I don’t think it would matter. I’d still write. It’s a compulsion, almost.  Nevertheless, it is still amazing to think that someone somewhere is reading something you wrote.

Honestly, I feel privileged to have been given the incredible opportunity to write for the MU Times.  For something that has only been around for just over a year, it’s amazing to see how much it has grown and progressed. I’d like to think I’ve contributed something to it and to its legacy in the university. Without the incredible work of the MU Times committee I would have never been able to further my writing ability and contribute to student life.

Thank you.