‘5 Things Worth Coming Back To College For’


  1. The Gym

So, your New Year’s resolutions hit a little hiccup when you saw the price of membership at Ben Dunne. And yes, you may have treated yourself to more than one Mars Bar while studying for the post-Christmas exams. But this is going to be your year, with a free gym you can access on campus. You’ll lace up your off-brand Penny’s runners, refuse to make eye contact with anyone in the gym and conquer your fear of the strange whirring machines. That’s the plan, at any rate.


  1. A Normal Sleeping Pattern

You never liked mornings anyway. It made sense, once you got the tiniest bit of freedom, to snooze through the early hours and wake up in time for pre-drinks. Five weeks into this habit and you’ve forgotten what the world even looks like before three in the afternoon. College with its relentless schedule will jerk you back to reality with Monday morning attendance based tutorials. As you open your eyes and suddenly recall the readings you should have done, there’s only one solution; wake up and smell the coffee. And possibly the Red Bull.


  1. The SU bar

Stepping in the door to the wafting smell of salt laden food and the low hum of chatter, you feel it. You’re home. Half an hour later with a Desperadoes in hand, you reassure yourself that you deserve this momentary lull in your strict study regime. Suddenly it’s past 10 and everyone’s rolling up to The Roost. Did you plan this? No, of course not. Are you going to go along with it to put off the peer-pressure? Absolutely. After all this is college, and if you don’t socialise here you’ll regret it in later life. Even more than failing that computer science module.


  1. Subway

There’s no cure for a hangover like a foot long Meatball Marinara with melted cheese. Rolling out of some young wan’s bed at an unholy hour, and stumbling down to John Hume, you’ll find that there’s already twenty people in line. The slightly inept customer service hasn’t put anybody off yet, as the queue circles back around by Londis. Shrugging your shoulders you wait in line. After all, your only alternative in this building is plastic wrapped white bread from Londis. A fate worse than death.


  1. Your Friends

You’re finally done lectures! Time to meet up with your friends again. As you roll into the SU with a bed head and the same clothes as last night the jeers begin. The evening goes on, and it looks like everyone’s going to The Roost again. But this was going to be your year! You were going to turn things around. No you weren’t – but you didn’t plan on things getting worse. You end up going along with it because they’re your friends. Love them or hate them, they’re the ones who’ll be driving you to get your stomach pumped at 4am. Happy New Year!