5 Types of People You Will See Before Your Exam

You may look at this title and wonder, are we not all just trying to pass this exam? Yes, for the most
part, we are all attempting to be cool, take a breath and just hope that this exam will go smoothly.
What you may not know, or never even thought of, was that there are 5 types of these people you
will see before you walk through that exam door.
1. The Laid-Back People:
The people who seem so chill on the outside. They are taking life with a pinch of salt and they
know that everything will be fine. They may have a few answers memorised here, or know how to
wing it and pass. Yet, on the inside, they are screaming at themselves for not putting in at least an
ounce of effort. But that show on Netflix, or a pint in the Roost was well worth it, wasn’t it?
2. The Crammers:
The people who kept telling themselves that exams were a while away yet, little did they realise that
they began the next day. They are trying to absorb all the information with their notes in their hands
wondering how time has crept up on them so fast. All they needed was an extra day and they
wouldn’t be under so much pressure when the reality is that they would never have used that time
for study anyway.
3. The Library Students:
The people who are deadly serious about their future and this year is crucial for them. They have
been in the library for a few weeks now and are just hoping that they have attained enough
knowledge since they have spent the time learning it. The “model students” on the cover of the open
day brochures that everyone wishes they could be but only a select number have the gift to use their
time wisely.
4. The Praying Students:
The people who may or may not have studied and are relying on a prayer from their Mammy or
Granny. No matter how cosmopolitan Ireland becomes, Mammy’s and/or Granny’s prayers go a
long way and work ninety-nine percent of the time. They have either given up hope or their nerves
are shattered and need that emblem of assurance.
5. The Ones Who Are Determined To Live Through the Next Few Hours:
I think each and every student fits into this category. No matter how long your exam is, an hour or
three, we are all determined to survive for that amount of time. You may finish early and leave but
at least you gave it a try and lasted the hour or two. As soon as you are let out of the hall, you thank
your lucky stars that you are still alive and are ready for a pint in the SU.