6 Dog Jokes that might cause you to paws for a minute

So, it’s been a running joke for the MU Times Team (MUTT) that I would write an article full of cruddy dog jokes. As we recently reached 1000 likes on Facebook, I finally did it. I hope you’re all happy now.


So, I went to a zoo the other day, and there was only one exhibition…This single lonely dog..

It was a Shih Tzu 


What’s a Dog’s favourite play by the Bard?

Mutt ado about nothing.


What do you call a large canine that has reached inner peace?



What do you call a Dog in snow?

                A chilly dog.


What’s a dog’s favourite City?

New Yorkie… Yes, that was as bad to type as it was to read.


What do you call a dog with no legs?

It doesn’t matter, the poor thing won’t come.