A log-in for one

While it may seem like all I do is complain about Maynooth University my time here reveals more and more issues that, while appearing small, do have an impact on not just my, but any everyday university student’s life. The issue of the day relates to log-ins on computers all over campus. Many students leave computers logged in while they leave for an extended period of time and many other students as a result struggle to find a place to do their work, especially at peak times. While students almost certainly leave themselves logged in by accident I still believe that it is an issue that can be solved quite easily and would allow everyone to make use of on-campus computers.

Through all this you might ask why people don’t just bring their own laptops on campus instead, but consider this, some on campus may either not be capable of carrying around a laptop all day or perhaps even may not be able to afford one. While problems such as these are people’s own business I feel that it is important to remember that there are cases such as these on campus in Maynooth. I can confidently say that those who cannot bring laptops on campus want to be a part of academic life as much as anyone and the gesture of giving everyone fair access to computers through logging out, while a small one, would help people in these cases immensely.

Leaving a computer logged in while you go to get a book in the library or go to use the toilet is not the problem, when a computer is left logged in while a student goes to a lecture or tutorial that the problem arises. All students on campus have assignments to do and nobody wants to go to the library and not be able to do assignments or study through fear of deleting someone else’s equally important work. This problem I feel will particularly affect students in peak-times such as exams or in the course of the afternoon each day and a simple check before leaving your work station could really benefit the daily life of many university students.

While it may sound like I am giving out I don’t want that to be the impression you get from this article, I simply encourage anyone and everyone to log out of computers when you are finished so you can make other students’ academic life that small bit easier.