Are mainstream gigs really value for money?

With Kings of Leon set to play in the 3Arena this coming July, the tickets for their first show on July 1st, sold out in little under 10 mins, with such high demand the rockers have announced two more dates to their Irish tour, July 2nd and July 4th. Ed Sheeran who is playing two gigs in April was also impressively sold out in mere minutes. This tends to be regular occurrence when it comes to mainstream gigs with tickets selling out in no time as everyone jumps on the bandwagon to see whoever is playing and why not? Gigs are great fun and a great way to unwind. Such large demands also lead to problems with true fans missing out or having to pay through their nose to get a ticket as greedy opportunists see their chance to cash in and make some nice profits. One resale site seen tickets been resold from anywhere between 300 to 700.

Are seeing such mainstream acts worth it? Either sitting out in the cold all night or been ripped off on resales, probably is worth it if you like your gigs like me but sometimes alternatives gigs can be the better option. Sometimes smaller gigs can be a lot more fun and atmospheric.

Going to smaller gigs has its pros, you can get closer to the band, maybe even get a chance to chat with them afterwards. The acoustics tend to be much better in a smaller venue too making it much easier to hear some great music clearly and as it was meant to be heard and appreciated. Unlike a mumbled version you may hear at the big gigs. Also at the small venues there is a tendency for everyone to be there for the music. Whereas at the larger gigs although I may add can be quite energetic there does be a huge amount of people going just because the band is popular and might not even know their music. The atmosphere is smaller venues can be amazing with everyone seemingly becoming one and making you feel more a part of the gig. This definitely makes for a more energetic and memorable night one you are not going to forget, well unless you get totally messed up.

Mainstream gig are all well and good but can be pricey with tickets costing upwards of 100e but good music is good music regardless and sometimes a night out in an alternative gig can be so much better and cheaper. As well as you will not be drinking watered down crap they sell at the big gigs, you will probably find a much friendlier atmosphere in a small venue, not to mention it is a great way of promoting and supporting some lesser known bands who work hard on their music and some of which can be of great quality.