“As Day Turns Into Night”

“As Day Turns Into Night” started out as a pigment of my imagination, wondering what it’d be like to share an intimate moment with someone you love. Using an inverted form based off of terza rima poetry, it was written to display vivid romantic affection, but placed certain restrictions as to how I achieved it.


“As Day Turns Into Night”


As day turns into night,

This moment, feels just right.


Looking at the sunset –

Laying right here with you,

All others – we forget.


To you, I must confess,

You’re always in my thoughts –

And I’m also obsessed,


With how stunning you look,

I cannot look away,

You’ve caught me with your hook –


Those sparkling, sapphire eyes,

Bright enough that they would,

Illuminate dark skies.


A soul, so good and pure,

For all of life’s troubles,

You are my only cure.
Around you, I feel free,

And I hope, that I am,

All you want me to be.
I can’t give you a lot,

Or all that you deserve,

The only thing I’ve got,


Is a burning passion –

To show you all of my

Undying devotion,


Which burns bright like a flame,

Your smile even tells me,

That you do feel the same.
Let’s stay here on the beach,

Only us – together,

With the world, out of reach…