Ask Anonymous

Dear Anon,

I can’t seem to ever be on time with anything in college, I’m always behind even with really important stuff, help!

Dear Help!

1. Schedule the event into your diary. If you have everything written down and you know when you need to be in a specific place chances are you wont find yourself overwhelmed in the wrong place. Putting things on paper shows you if you’re doing too much and how and when you can move appointments around your classes, study and assignments

2. Prioritise Its never a bad idea to spend your Sunday night before bed dotting down what you need to accomplish or get done for the week ahead. write everything down and then spend them through your week based on which ones are more important and need to be completed asap. You’ll thank me later.

3. Be a time pessimist Knowing yourself and that you leave things until the 11th hour means that you’re able to convince yourself things will take longer to complete so it would be better to start them asap. That way you can finish early rather than start late.

4.    Routine  Try to arrive on campus at a set time every day and assign your free hours to assignments and study. Remember an hour early is always better than 10 minutes late. They say it takes 21 days to form a habit so grab a journal, plan your week and stick to a routine, by day 21 you’ll be chilled and vibing in time for exam season! Fight procrastination, Procrastination slays GPAs of bright students.

Xoxo Anon.