Ask Anonymous

Dear Anonymous,

I am a first year in Maynooth, studying English, History, and Anthropology. The Thursday before mid-term, my friends and I went out to the Roost. We all dressed up and had a couple of drinks before going into the club. In the club we had so much fun dancing and I really enjoyed myself. But we just kept doing more and more shots. I got sick in the club toilet, totally ruining my costume. The next  morning I woke up with a huge headache, and wasn’t able to do much the next day. I mentioned it to my other friends – as they felt as bad as I did – but they told me not to worry as in college everyone drinks this much in college. This ‘college lifestyle’ is not making me feel good about myself and is not kind on my wallet!

I beg your help!!

-Overwhelmed Fresher

Dear Overwhelmed Fresher,Once you start heaving that’s a sure sign you’ve gone waaaaaay above your alcohol limit. Y’all seem to have covered the “college lifestyle” by dressing up, having a couple of pre-drinks before going to the Roost, then partying like its 1999. Clearly after that things went down the toilet, Yeah I couldn’t help myself slight pun intended.

Alcohol affects us all differently. If the amount you’re drinking doesn’t make you feel good about yourself and isn’t kind to your wallet then you already know its not for you. Next time pace your drinks, decline shots and watch your friends gradually follow you to the light.

Remember its time to stop when your subconscious says