Be safe out there

In last week’s Editor’s Note the assault on Kym Owens, a first year student in Maynooth University was mentioned. This assault happened to Kym on her way home at around seven o’clock on a Sunday evening. This event has shocked not only Maynooth but the whole of Ireland and has made many of us aware of possible dangers and people with dangerous motives out there in the world. Throughout all of this though I feel that it is important to remember the good people around us and retain a sense of community so that we can all keep one another safe in the future.

In a situation such as this we are understandably shocked, a student of Maynooth University, a place we all go to, has been assaulted for no reason and through no fault of her own, in aim of protecting this from happening again I believe we should all make an active effort to look out for one another. While it is not always easy, try to find someone you trust to walk, take the bus or take the train home with you, there is strength in numbers and having one or more people with you is a deterrent for anyone. I can guarantee you that people are willing to help, in fact on the Maynooth University Freshers’ Facebook page I saw a number of people offering to accompany people as well as looking to be accompanied on their way home after news of the assault broke.

Throughout all of this I also feel it is important to remain aware of the dangers of the world in hope of avoiding them. The world out there is primarily a good one, but it is not always safe, if a street or alley looks dangerous to you, take another route given one is available. While Kym was attacked just outside of her accommodation in Maynooth this is exceptionally rare, nonetheless do your best to be with another person if you can and remain aware of any possible threats or danger you might come across.  As mentioned in last week’s Editor’s Note, protect yourself by making yourself visible, wear a fluorescent vest so that those driving cans see you, both for your and their safety.

If you take anything from this article, take this. Now more than ever it is important to stick together, to protect ourselves and one another from those who would harm us. We also need to maintain a sense of awareness and hopefully stop attacks that are no fault of our own from ever having a chance of taking place. All writers at MU Times, myself included, wish Kym Owens a speedy recovery and hope that she can overcome this inexcusable assault to return to a regular life.

Be safe out there.