Blaming Kim is shady

Imagine you posted a mirror selfie with your new iPhone 7 and a few days later, you were mugged and it was taken from you. You deserved it, right? You shouldn’t have flaunted your expensive phone online! Or imagine if you were driving your 162 BMW around town and someone carjacked you. You flaunted your wealth so what else could you expect, right?


Er… not exactly, but this seems to be the mind-set people have when it comes to Kim Kardashian West.


Listen, I can understand that sometimes celebrities seem almost offensively rich and, apart from the sentimental value of the ring, she’s not going to go broke without it. The issue here is that some people believe a woman deserved to be tied up and threatened with a gun in what should have been a safe place for her. Nobody deserves to be terrorised in their own home just because some don’t like her media presence or her selfies. Anybody who is attacked by masked men like that is literally going to fear for their life in that moment; that is traumatic.


Even more ludicrous are the claims that this was an inside job. The idea that Kim, a successful – and considerate -business woman, would waste French authorities’ time and effort for… (I’m not exactly sure what the reason is supposed to be… an insurance scam?) is ludicrous. The price of that ring is a drop in the ocean of the Kardashian family’s wealth; her mobile game generated $71.8 million in 2015 alone. Furthermore, the latest picture of her and her daughter show that she’s very shaken; she wears baggy close, keeping an extra tight grip on North. She has kept quiet on social media and we all know she usually has no problem addressing stories and rumours on Twitter.


Weirdly, I don’t remember anyone absolving the so-called Bling Ring for burglaries just because their victims (such as Paris Hilton, Audrina Partridge, Lilo, and Orlando Bloom) were rich; these crimes weren’t even violent but the victims still got sympathy. It’s time for people to admit that they are going to blame Kim Kardashian for everything that happens to her. Admit this is an inexplicable personal vendetta against her. (Seriously guys, what’s up? Did she start on you outside Coppers?)


Whether or not you like her, her reality show, or her husband, please exercise some basic human empathy and consider how terrifying this ordeal would be for anyone.