College Dating

University for many is an exciting new experience, it can be a time to explore who you are develop interests or even discover new ones,  but for many when they think of college romance also comes to mind. Some may even have idealistic notions but the reality can be quite different. With this fresh faced idealistic approach in mind there can be many misconceptions. Dating is not a fast track to a relationship, college dating can be a mix of secondary school dating and adult dating.

Some people may even have the idea of finding the one, they don’t want to find just anyone but THE one. The reality can be quite different although that is not to say it won’t happen.  Relationships and dating require time management. In college there is so much to do and organise it can be quite hard to fit your timetable around your perspective partners. Which can leave it with very hard for you to spend time with each other. Unless of course you don’t mind skipping the odd lecture or three and hitting the SU. (Not recommending unless maybe you are a first year).

If it’s a case of your seen someone who is living on campus or close by then that’s a different story but if thing don’t work out be prepared for the awkward stares as you meet or pass on hallways and things can get as difficult AF, you are going to see your ex around campus more than you think, you will see them everywhere.  Also their is the possibilities of the “long distance thing” very hard to make work but if your hearts in it go for it. Also if you are in your first year you are much better off focusing on friendships first, I wouldn’t take college romance too seriously, you don’t want to become so involved with someone that you miss out on some of the other great things college has to offer. Taking the casual approach can be more enjoyable than a full on relationship. There is a lot to enjoy but be smart and safe when it come to sex, also the same can probably be said about texting when you are completely wasted nothing worse and more off putting than getting texts of complete and utter bollox, I can only imagine how off putting it is especially  for a girl and we have all been guilty of it.

Dating in college does not have to be frustrating or difficult, remember not everyone in college wants to be in a relationship and vice versa. Also one intimate moment does not make you a couple, try to refrain from changing your relationship status on FB, if the other person is not on the same page, you’ll just come across as desperate and sad. Remember everyone is different some people like the comfort of relationships others like the freedom of just hooking up but in college you will meet people from all walks of life so whatever your preference just enjoy the moment. As for dating apps I personally find them creepy there is always plenty of new people to meet in the real world especially in Uni.