Don’t subject us to a Shower Gift Set, please

Let’s be honest, we’ve all been a victim of the dreaded shower gift set Christmas present. It’s a part of life now. Its inevitable. You can escape it and sometimes we fall into the trap of shower sets. We begin to give them as presents rather than just receive them. You smile politely and thank the present giver for the lovely Nivea bath set or the Lynx set that you never wanted or needed. Look at the box longingly and wonder where it’ll sit in the enormous of sets you already have. They all  end up the same. They vary of course, bath salts, creams, lotions, moisturisers, perfume, deodorants and other similar items. But when you really think about it, they’re all the same.

It’s the same box with just different contains, packaging and marketing.

So why is there such a stigma attached to receiving bath sets as presents?

Personally a shower set (unless it’s given to someone who adores sets like that) is a totally unoriginal and unthoughtful gift. I’ve gotten them before and I’ve never used most of them. They’ve  sat in my wardrobe for the majority of their sad existence and are condemned to stay they for eternity. This condemnation is the reality for most shower sets around the world. So why do we make them suffer needlessly?

Convenience of course! Why bother thinking about Christmas presents when it’s like done for you.  There’s absolutely no effort involved in shower sets. You just walk into a shop and buy a pre packaged and aesthetically pleasing box of random things, hand over your money and walk out all in within minutes. There you go. Christmas is sorted. Zero effort required. Wrap those boxes and you’re good to go.


The work is taken away from you. Don’t get me wrong I don’t like work but i would never buy someone a bath set. You’re supposed to care and think and question what you’re going to buy for your parent, friend, sibling, colleague. Bath sets take away from that. You become a mindless shopper and ultimately you’re left with a politely masked face of disappointment when you give the set to someone. The reality is no one is ever going to tell you to your fact that your present was awful. They’ll either put it in the infamous ‘wardrobe’, throw it out or re gift it. None of which are really favourable.


I think the lesson of this article is don’t get a anyone a bath set. Ever.