Editor’s Note

Dear all,

We have embarked upon the second week of college. For many of you being back in college can be stress related. You might still be finding your way around or you might be thinking, overthinking whether you should be in college or not. Or possibly you are just bored with the monotonous routine of day-to-day tasks.

MU Times is here is to entertain you! We are to entertain you when the day is dull and dry, or distract you in that dull Monday morning lecture which you can’t for to be over. I mean, have you ever wondered what are the typical stages of a lecture or what even the Sex Factor is? Here in the MU Times we also try to provide answers to the questions!

We can all question ourselves: is this course right for me? And we compare ourselves to other people. It often seems to us, that our pal who sits beside us in lecture is approaching an assignment differently, or instead of doing an assignment on a Thursday night is in the S.U. drinking pints. Appearances not only can lie, but do lie. It helps not to get entirely caught up in everything that people are doing, and not compare your life to the life of others. This is easier said than done, but it is something that I would strongly encourage many people practice.

The only thing that we all can do is to go forward and take things day by day. Otherwise, you won’t be able to achieve anything else.

Keep going and keep reading MU Times.

I wish you all to have a good week.

With warmest wishes,


The Editor