Editor’s Note

Dear all,

We are in the middle of our fourth week of college. We are getting closer and closer to the mid-term and possibly many of us are getting a little overwhelmed with things. You might start fretting about it all to the point where you might want to kill your housemate. Ok, please don’t try to kill your housemate; that just would be really bad. But we all know how easy it is for things to build up on us. Don’t worry. MU Times has faith in you!

The possibility of getting overwhelmed is one of the reasons why we are taking this week as a reflective and review week.

We’ve got two different music reviews. Mal, one of our contributors, has reviewed Denzel Curry’s new album ‘Imperial’. If any of you were unfortunate enough not to get tickets for the Big Gig in the SU during the first few weeks of college – James another contributor reviewed it for you so might at least get some feel for the melodic mash-up of performances. And who said you shouldn’t listen to music while studying? We have a whole list of songs that will make you more productive. Go check them out ASAP! Who doesn’t want to be more productive while studying? Because I sure do!

And if you feel like music is not your thing, perhaps taking a wee break to see a movie in the cinema will do you some good. The new Bridget Jones is heavily hilarious. Once you focus on Bridget and lose yourself in her flamboyant adventures your other troubles will dissolve in a smooth oblivion.

And… if you are still new to the whole college thing and feel a little lonely, a past Maynoothian Lorien, reflected how she made friends.  It might take some time, but we all end up making friends in college. We truly do!!

With warmest wishes,


Creative editor