Editor’s Note

Dear all,

It’s the fifth week of college and we are slowly readying for coming Mid-Term break – but we still have two weeks to go. There is still some work needed to be done before we can take a break.

Important notice that is happening on campus this week is the Blood Clinic here in Maynooth on Campus on the18th October. I suppose, this is one way through which you can be a bit like a Christmas hero, and help someone who might be in need of an imminent blood donation. We often think that blood donating is something gruesome as many fear needless, but here in MU Times, we have dispelled some of those bloody myths.

At college, we churned out a tendency of dependence on other people: peers we might see in lecturers or this one person we shifted on Thursday night in The Roost.  Perhaps, we can think that this is how we find a boyfriend or a girlfriend. Are we really to blame? I suppose this is the mind-set we had been condition to by being surrounded by films and books veered towards student populous; but these things really need to be taken with a pinch of salt.

On the side: classic books are still worth reading, we have a whole article bursting with positivity about that!

It is important not to get caught up just in college – there is a whole world outside that, it’s vital to emphasize that!

I wish you all to have a good week.

With warmest wishes,

Mags Fraczek,

Creative editor