Editor’s Note

Dear all,

One more week and we are almost free to enjoy our mid-term break and Halloween. Well, we are as free as we are going to be. After all, we are big boys and girls now and that means that having a week off does not always exactly means that it is a week off. That influx of the college work cannot be fully ignored.

However, it is vital to keep things balanced: to take a break and rewind. It does seem a little counterintuitive but taking a break from college work will allow you all to gain a fresher mind-set and a clearer perspective. There is no point in trying to study when you feel overwhelmed or are bogged down with work. Watch a film or walk the dog.

I think this study week is coming as an obvious blessing for us all. If you are very committed to college that is ok, but taking some time off is incredibly important. I suppose, there is no better excuse to rewind other than Halloween.

Halloween is a perfect time to wind down and possibly pretend that you are someone different. That’s what costumes are for. Don’t fret – they don’t have to be those shop-bought-over-priced-ensembles. A good Halloween costume might convey a good idea or just be funny. I’m sure you will be able to come up with something good! If you are stuck, we‘ve got some Halloween costume ideas already conjured up for you.


I wish you all have a good mid-term break and MU Times will resume when we are back in college.


With warmest wishes,

Mags, Creative Editor