Editor’s Note

Dear all,

Welcome back from the mid-term! How was your mid-term? Did you have a good one? Hopefully you got some study done, took some time off and enjoyed Halloween. We are never old enough to be treat or tricking.

Mu Times is back! And we are back with a packed, fast-packed issue. However, before we pick up yet again it must be addressed that November is a month of the dead. We should take a moment of silence and remember all of those we have died in our lives. Remember: there is a counselling service here in Maynooth, and the chaplain’s door in the Arts block is always open.

By the way, Maynooth has its own share of supernatural stories of horror. Spooky. Who said that Maynooth is boring?

For all of us out there, we are officially half way through the semester. So how many days is there left till Christmas? I said the C word. LOL

With warmest wishes,

Mags (creative editor)